Recruiting international talent

Boost diversity, tackle the skilled-labour shortage and future-proof your business

Germany is facing a shortage of skilled labour across numerous economic sectors and regions. Is your company also affected? Have you thought about the targeted recruitment of international students and graduates? According to the 2017 survey 'Study & Work', a significant proportion of international students (70.5%) want to start a career in Germany.

Every year, thousands of new graduates are keen to join a German company or organization. These talented international graduates:

  • can boost the competitiveness of your company internationally and help it to open up new foreign markets
  • have intercultural competence and can contribute to the diversity and inclusiveness of your company
  • have good German language skills and are already familiar with German culture
  • are already socially integrated in Germany, which facilitates talent retention in your company
  • have a degree that is recognized in Germany, which simplifies the recruitment process significantly
  • are well qualified and highly motivated.

Don't wait, act! Use our career portal to advertise work placements, internships and positions for working students, and get involved with our on-campus careers fair and recruitment events

Around 21% of the students at Saarland University are international students – a figure well above the national average of 14%. For these students, work placements, part-time jobs and the chance to do a final-year project in a company are all extremely valuable opportunities that allow them to get better acquainted with the German working world. And as a potential future employer, you have the opportunity to get to know students without committing to a permanent offer of employment. The company and the student can check each other's expectations and dispel any reservations or concerns. To encourage applications from international students, you might want to consider adding the keyword 'No German required' to suitable vacancies that you post in our career portal.

If you are looking for a way to connect with our students in an informal setting, why not participate in one of our many recruitment events. Each year, we host our on-campus careers fair 'next', where recruiters can meet students and graduates. Or you might want to attend our programme of careers talks that runs throughout the semester. These are great opportunities to attract talented young people to your business or organization!

If you're interested in participating, simply get in touch with us at the Career Center. We'd be pleased to discuss your situation and find the options that work best for you.

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The IQ Network: Advising companies on recruiting international professionals

Do you already employ people with a migration background or are you planning to do so in the future? Do you need advice on hiring skilled workers from abroad or help understanding the relevant German legislation in this area?

Would you like to know how increasing diversity in your company can give you a competitive edge? Do you want to give your team a more international focus and improve intercultural skills within your company?

IQ Network Saarland offers bespoke advisory and training services that can help your company establish and manage intercultural teams and drive workplace diversity.

All of the services offered by the IQ Network can be accessed free of charge.

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