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With our new career portal, together with JobTeaser, we offer you a central platform for your search for internships and jobs! Discover exclusive job offers for students at Saarland University, exciting employers from the region and all over Europe, as well as events organised by the Career Center and companies. The new portal is also multilingual, optimised for mobile devices and even accessible via app. You have to register to use our career portal but we promise it is completely for free! After your registration, your job search will be easy :-) 

So what are you waiting for? Discover the new possibilities right now - we wish you every success in your search!

Career Portal

Frequently asked questions

General questions

Is the career portal free to use?

Yes of course, the career portal can be used free of charge.


I am studying at another university / am no longer studying, can I still use the career portal of Saarland University?

Of course, there are no access restrictions. Although the career portal is primarily aimed at students, graduates and alumni of Saarland University, use of the portal is open to anyone who is interested.


Is there a career portal app?

With the JobTeaser app you can also access the career portal of Saarland University. You can find the app in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The career portal is also optimized for mobile use and can be used without the app in a browser on your smartphone or tablet.


Why is the career portal not viewable without registration?

The career portal is provided in cooperation with the provider JobTeaser SA, which is why registration will be required in the future. However, you can still view the 25 most current job offers in the "extended preview" without logging in.


Why is the career portal provided in cooperation with an external provider?

Compared to our old internship and job portal, the new career portal offers a variety of additional functions that we could not cover with our previous solution. Since more than 700 universities across Europe already rely on JobTeaser as a partner, it is ensured that the portal will always remain state-of-the-art in the future. In addition, you benefit from the large number of job offers for academics that companies publish in the entire JobTeaser network.


What do I see when I filter for partners?

In the Jobs and Events sections, you have the option of filtering for offers from partners. In this case, partner refers to companies and institutions that participate in our career events or cooperate with us in other ways. If you activate the filter for events, you will also see exclusive offers for Saarland University.


How do I adjust my privacy settings?

Clicking on the profile icon in the upper right area of the dashboard opens a drop-down menu from which you can access the privacy settings.


How can I unsubscribe from the event newsletter?

From the home page, clicking edit my criteria will take you to the search criteria and settings, where you can adjust the newsletter settings under 2. Email alerts.


How can I delete my career portal account?

First, you need to access your Account Settings: To do this, click on the profile icon in the upper right area of the dashboard. A drop-down menu will open, allowing you to navigate to the Account Settings. There you will find the Delete my account button at the bottom of the page.

Questions about registration

What data do I have to provide when registering for the career portal?

To view job offers, company profiles and events, all you need to do when registering is provide a first and last name, an email address, your course of study and expected year of graduation.


Do I have to use my student email address when registering?

This is not necessary, you can use any email address.


Can I leave a different or an additional e-mail address?

In the Account Settings, which you can access via the profile icon in the upper right area of the dashboard, you can easily change your primary email address or enter an alternative email address.


Who receives my data when I register for the career portal?

JobTeaser SA is responsible for data processing, and only the Career Center of Saarland University can access your data. If you activate the option Open to opportunities, companies can also access your profile and CV.


My degree programme is not available for selection in the list, what should I choose?

We have stored all current degree programmes at Saarland University for you to choose from. Therefore, please first try to search for your degree programme. To do this, simply type the name of your degree programme into the field - it may simply be saved in a different spelling. If your degree programme is not available for selection, you can either choose a degree programme that most closely corresponds to yours in terms of content (if you want to activate the Open to opportunities option) or select the Other option (if you only want to view job offers, company profiles and events).


The occupational field I’m looking for is not available for selection in the list, what should I choose?

It’s best to choose the occupational field that comes closest to the one you’re looking for. This will also help you find suitable jobs. In general, it is advisable not to limit the selection too much so that you do not miss any jobs, for example by selecting the entire category (headings in bold lettering).


Can I choose/add more than one degree programme?

Yes, just select your degree programmes one after the other. Wrongly selected degree programmes can be deleted again using the small x.


Should I fill out my profile in as much detail as possible?

This is entirely up to you. If you only want to use the career portal to search for suitable job offers, employers and events, you do not need to enter more than the mandatory information. If you would like to receive personalized suggestions or would like to activate the ‘open for job offers’ option, it makes sense to enter more information, and in some cases this information is required. Also, if you apply via the platform, a completed profile can be an advantage because the recruiter gets a good first impression of you.

Questions about job offers

How can I specify my job search?

Next to and below the search field you will find various filter options with which you can specify your search. For example, you can enter information on the searched call job categorylocation or industry. You can save your settings for future searches with the button save my criteria.


How do I find offers that are specifically aimed at students at Saarland University?

In the search area, you will find a box on the right-hand side that is headed Jobs for Universität des Saarlandes. On your smartphone, you can find this field by tapping on the filter symbol. Here you can further narrow down your search by switching the sliders on or off: for exclusive offers for the UdS, for offers from partners of the UdS or for exclusive offers from alumni.


Are all job offers in the career portal checked by the Career Center?

Job offers that are displayed when you activate the filter Exclusive jobs offers for your university have been checked by us before they are published. All other job offers come from the network of our cooperation partner JobTeaser. This content is not subject to our control. If you have had a bad experience with a job offer or discover an offensive offer, please contact us at

What is the significance of the keywords?

We mark certain job offers with keywords to make them easier to find. The respective keywords are displayed below a job offer, and you can also filter your search by them. For example, we tag jobs for which no knowledge of German is required with the keyword No German required.


I set up all the filters, but I can't find an offer. What have I done wrong?

It is possible that you have narrowed down your search too much. It is best to first remove all search criteria with a click or tap on the bin. Then add individual filters step by step, according to their importance. Once you have found the optimal search settings, it is best to save them by clicking on the button Save my criteria.


Unfortunately I didn't find anything on the career portal, where else can I find jobs?

We have put together a list of other job portals for you here. Good luck with your search!

Questions about company profiles

What are the company profiles there for?

In addition to the possibility of searching for jobs and internships, you can also search directly for companies that suit you. In the Companies section, you will find profiles of companies, institutions and start-ups from Saarland, Germany and all over Europe. In the respective profiles, you will find detailed information and insights, details on the profiles you are looking for as well as contact data for the personnel managers. Especially if you are looking for an internship, the company profiles can be a helpful source of information.


What do the tags on the company profiles mean?

Some company profiles have tags in the upper top right corner:

  • UdS: Facilities of Saarland University
  • Start-up: Start-ups from the environment of Saarland University
  • Partners: Companies and institutions participating in career events of the Career Center of Saarland University


Questions about events

How does the event registration work?

In the Events section you will find events organised by the Career Center as well as by companies and institutions. The organisers themselves determine how you can register. In some cases, you can register directly in the career portal, in others via an external website. If you have any questions about your registration, please contact the respective event organisers directly.


Are all events in the career portal checked by the Career Center?

Events marked with a small lock symbol have been checked by us before publication. All other events come from the network of our cooperation partner JobTeaser. This content is not subject to our control. If you have had a bad experience with an event or discover an offensive offer, please contact us at

Using the career portal with the JobTeaser app

You can also use the career portal of the Career Center of Saarland University with the JobTeaser app on your smartphone. To do so, download the JobTeaser app and log in with your access data for the career portal.

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