Applying for a job: Tips and assistance

What you need to know about application documents

We have prepared some handouts summarising what you should bear in mind when applying for a job or going to an interview. Essentially, you should be aware that your application is like a business card or a first sample of your work. A potential employer gets a first impression of you through your application documents and will use your application for an initial assessment. A messy, incorrect or incomplete application can therefore lead to a lasting negative impression.

We offer counselling and training on a wide range of topics such as applying for jobs, CVs, job interviews, etc. You can find these under events.

The European Union is striving to create a standard for better comparability of professional and academic qualifications with the European education passport tools (e.g. CV, language passport). The Europass template for a CV with a systematic presentation of acquired qualifications and competences can give you a first clue for your application within Europe. For an application within Germany, however, it is better not to use it.

If you are an international student planing to work in Germany, you should take  look at our Student's Career Roadmap to get a better picture of the necessary skills and the hurdles that might be involved.

Student's Career Roadmap


We check your application dossier

For students and graduates of Saarland University, the Career Center offers an online application portfolio check for an internship or graduate position in Germany. The team at the Saar University Career Center will take a close look at your application documents, make suggestions for changes if necessary and usually send your documents back to you within 3-5 days. Please send your cover letter and CV to


For students of Saarland University who are looking for an internship or a graduate position in a French-speaking country, the International Office - Working in France at Saarland University offers the possibility of a portfolio check of French documents by appointment.

The graduate programme GradUS of Saarland University offers individual counselling on competence and career analysis for doctoral students.

Internships during your studies

With an internship during their studies, many students not only gain important work experience, but sometimes also come into contact with legal and social/insurance issues for the first time. We can help you to:

  • design your studies to be practice-oriented,
  • gain the necessary practical experience
  • look for a suitable internship
  • look for a part-time job related to your field of study,
  • prepare and evaluate internships in a targeted manner,
  • better understand issues related to insurance, leave of absence during the internship and internship contracts,
  • establish contacts with employers,
  • give feedback on study-related internships after its completion.