Team 2021

2021 - Another successful year for the Saarland FDI team


During the 2021 edition of the FDI International Arbitration Moot, the team of Saarland University/Europa-Institut, after winning the four preliminary rounds, advanced to the eliminations rounds and achieved, once more, outstanding results. With more than 80 teams participating in the Global Rounds held from 27 October until 03 November 2021, the team of Saarland University/Europa-Institut ranked 12th best team from the combined oral and written pleadings and achieved the 4th best Claimant Memorial.

The preparation for the FDI International Arbitration Moot started in March 2021 when the team was selected. They worked intensively during the months preparing the written submissions (both for claimant and respondent).

As from September 2021 until the beginning of the Global Rounds, the team refined their oral presentations by multiple training sessions at renowned law firms and by participating in the Budapest and St. Petersburg Pre-Moots.

This year’s team was composed of Xenia Astapenka (Belarus), Madangi Ramakrishna (India), Michelle Ospina (Colombia) and Bradley Nyamwihura (Zimbabwe/Tanzania). Their coaches were Dr. Greg Lourie, Bianca Böhme, Afolabi Adekemi and Andrés Eduardo Alvarado Garzón, all under the responsibility of Prof. Dr. Marc Bungenberg.

We will participate once again in the next moot in 2022!