Lars Ruf, LL.M.

Lars Ruf is a research assistant at the chair of Prof. Dr. Marc Bungenberg at the Europa-Institut of Saarland University.

Lars already completed the certificate "European and International Law (EIus)" at the Europa-Institut during his undergraduate law studies at Saarland University. Partly due to the experience gained there in the international study environment, he was attracted to the University of Exeter, where he obtained an LL.M. degree in International Business Law in 2020. As part of his master's thesis, he looked at the potential impact of Brexit on the European Takeover Directive (2004/25/EC). An abridged version of the thesis was published in ZEuS 2/2021.

Currently, Lars is about to complete his first state examination in law and is focusing on German and International Contract and Commercial Law as part of his area of focus. His other areas of interest also include Competition and Antitrust Law as well as European Foreign Trade Law.


Tel.: + 49 (0) 681 302 6669
Campus B2.1, Zi. 1.20
66123 Saarbrücken