"EU Constitutional Framework for International Dispute Settlement and Rule of Law"

With Jean Monnet Chairs, the European Commission confirms outstanding quality in teaching and research on Europe. This is the third time that Saarland University has received this prestigious award: Co-director of the Europa-Institut Professor Marc Bungenberg was awarded the Jean Monnet Chair for International Dispute Settlement and the Rule of Law at the end of 2021. The aim is to research and inform about dispute resolution in global trade and to show how the EU can also export its rule-of-law values through this. The award is endowed with 50,000 euros. 

The work of the Jean Monnet Chair focuses on researching what requirements the Union constitution must place on international dispute resolution and how the Union's values can be passed on via international dispute resolution mechanisms. The aim is also to make the public more aware of the EU's role in transmitting values through international dispute resolution. Numerous actions are planned for this purpose: School days, workshops for practitioners, conferences and book projects. 

More information on the Jean Monnet Chair can be found in the Saarland University press release of 31 January 2022. 


Jean Monnet Papers

In its capacity as Jean Monnet Chair, the Chair of Prof. Dr. Marc Bungenberg LL.M. regularly publishes articles by a variety of authors dealing with topics related to the work of the Chair.

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