Design-Oriented Research in Information Systems

Course Description

The online course “Design-Oriented Research in Information Systems” (DORIS) is designed to provide students with an opportunity to build up theoretical and methodological skills required to conceptualize, conduct, and communicate their own research in the Information Systems (IS) discipline. Information and communication technologies (ICT) have transformative impact on organizations, individuals, and the entire society. The IS discipline addresses effective design, delivery, use, and impact of ICT and investigates the phenomena that emerge when ICT and the social system interact.

The online course puts a specific emphasis on theoretical and methodological foundations of design-oriented research in IS targeting the delivery of design knowledge in the form of artifacts, design principles, or design theories. Prescriptive design knowledge is relevant for the scientific knowledge base and has practical relevance for building better and more innovative IS in the real-world environment. By attending this online course, students acquire the necessary skills to run their thesis project successfully from a rigor and relevance point of view. Hence, DORIS is a seminar well suited to help students preparing themselves for an academic thesis in the IS discipline.

Course Objectives

The online course will first explain the relevance of methods and theories in meaningful information systems (IS) research. Subsequently, it will introduce the most common methods used in design-oriented research in the IS discipline.

After completing the online course, students have

  • the ability to understand the relevance of methods and theories in meaningful design-oriented IS research.
  • the knowledge to run a systematic literature review study.
  • an overview of most common paradigms and methods for design-oriented research in IS.
  • an overview on available tool-support for research.

the ability to prepare and execute their own research project (e.g., seminar, bachelor or master thesis).

Course Facts

  • Format: Online Course
  • Course of Studies: (Bachelor/Master) BWL, DiBWL, Winfo, Wipäd, W&R
  • Language: English
  • Semester: every semester
    The course can be started at any time and is independent of the semester.
  • Scope: 0 CP
  • Access to Moodle:
    Please use this link  to register for the course in Moodle. 
  • Grading: not graded

Please note that participation in the course is mandatory for students writing their theses at our chair.

If you have any further questions, please contact Prof. Dr. Stefan Morana.