Vier wissenschaftliche Beiträge bei EACL 2021 angenommen

Vier wissenschaftliche  Beiträge unserer Fachrichtung wurden von EACL angenommen. Herzlichen Glückwunsch an alle Autorinnen und Autoren!

  • "Does the Order of Training Samples Matter? Improving Neural Data-to-Text Generation with Curriculum Learning" (Short Paper), Authors: Ernie Chang, Hui-Syuan Yeh and Vera Demberg
  • "Neural Data-to-Text Generation with LM-based Text Augmentation" (Long Paper), Authors: Ernie Chang, Xiaoyu Shen, Dawei Zhu, Vera Demberg and Hui Su
  • "Jointly Improving Language Understanding and Language Generation with Quality-Weighted Weak Supervision of Automatic Labeling" (Long Paper), Authors: Ernie Chang, Vera Demberg and Alex Marin
  • "T2NER: Transformers based Transfer Learning Framework for Named Entity Recognition", Authors: Saadullah Amin and Guenter Neumann (DFKI & UdS)