Research interests

My research interests include translation and translation technologies with a specific focus on machine translation, machine translation evaluation and post-editing.  

During the last years I was involved in several research projects, working on different topics, such as machine translation evaluation, post-editing, specific properties of translations, variation in translation. A list of my publications can be found here.



  • CLARIN-DCommon Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure
  • EXPERT: EXPloiting Empirical appRoaches to Translation
  • BESAHOT: Explanative Bewertungsanalyse für die Saarländische Hotelerie
  • MUSING: MUlti-industry, Semantic-based next generation business INtelliGence
  • KOALA: KOrpus-basierte mAschinelle TransLAtion
  • CROCO: Linguistic Properties of Translations. A corpus-based investigation for the language pair English-German
  • SMARTWEB: Foundations for multimodal user interfaces to distributed and composable semantic Web services on mobile devices
  • ESPERONTO: Integration of NLP, ontologies and other knowledge bases, is being performed with the goal to implement a semantic annotation service that upgrades the actual Web towards the emerging Semantic Web
  • MUMIS: Multimedia Indexing and Searching of Data


Department of Language Science and Technology
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