Grassroots Initiative: Accountable Control

The aim of this project is to ensure accountability of cyber-physical feedback systems by studying the interplay of optimization-based trajectory generation and logical disturbances with discrete decision making at the highest layer of the control hierarchy.

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KIWi: AI-enhanced simulation for lifetime extension of wind energy systems

Within the joint project KIWi, data-based and physics-based modeling techniques are combined to develop a model correction and to perform parameter identification of inexact models. This is a prerequisite for a more precise prediction of loads in wind turbines, by which, eventually, a lifetime extension can be realized.

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Actively deformable cannulas for stereotactic neurosurgery

In this interdisciplinary project - jointly proposed by physicians, engineers, and mathematicians - the feasibility of actively deformable cannulas for stereotactic neurosurgery is assessed. The technique will offer a multitude of alternative routes and planning possibilities to reach a target with considerably reduced risk by avoiding eloquent structures, i.e. fiber bundles of the pyramidal tract and blood vessels.

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Intelligent design assistance for personalized medical surgery based on concentric tube continuum robots

This project develops a design assistant tool for concentric tube continuum robots to be used in deep-brain neurosurgery. Following the systematic design methodology in systems engineering, our approach is fundamentally based on 1) accurate models of the robots behavior and 2) mathematical optimization.

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GROKO-Plan: GRaph-based, Optimal and COoperative Trajectory planning for Interacting Automobiles

This project aims at developing a graph-based planning method for optimal cooperative trajectories for interacting vehicles. Our research includes the theoretical analysis as well as the practical implementation of a distributed cooperative trajectory planning method, which will be validated for a cooperative traffic intersection scenario on different test platforms.

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