Prof. Dr. Vijay Mishra

Vijay C. Mishra is the invited TAS Visiting Professor for the winter term 2008-9. He is co-teaching two graduate seminars and delivers four public lectures.
Vijay C. Mishra is Professor of English Literature at Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia. He holds doctorates from the ANU and Oxford. Among his publications are: Dark Side of the Dream:Australian Literature and the Postcolonial Mind (1991), The Gothic Sublime (1994), Devotional Poetics and the Indian Sublime (1998), Bollywood Cinema: Temples of Desire (2002) and The Literature of the Indian DiasporaTheorizing the Diasporic Imaginary (2007). He is currently working on an Australia Research Council funded project entitled ‘Salman Rushdie Annotated.’ He plays the Indian harmonium, is a Beatles fan, and reads Sanskrit.

Public Lectures: 
'A Flavour of Mortality': Lies in Literature
06. November 2008, 10 Uhr c.t., Geb. C5.3 Raum 120

'Rushdie-Wushdie: Salman Rushdie’s Hobson-Jobson'
13. November 2008, 10 Uhr c.t., Geb. C5.3 Raum 120

'Spectres of Sentimentality: The Bollywood' 
13. November 2008, 14 Uhr c.t., Geb. C5.3 Raum 120

'The Religious Sublime'
 20. November 2008, 10 Uhr c.t., Geb. C5.3 Raum 120

BA (Wellington), BA (Macquarie), MA (Sydney), PhD (ANU), DPhil (Oxford)


  • 18th Century English literature;
  • literary history and theory;
  • Australian and postcolonial literature;
  • Indian literature and film;
  • diasporas;
  • narrative fiction and film.

Selected Publications:
Major Books:

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The Literature of the Indian Diaspora: Theorizing the Diasporic Imaginary. London and New York: Routledge, 2007.  

Minor  Books/Monographs
Waves, An Anthology of Verse for Schools. Auckland: Heinemann, 1975.  2nd revised edition, 1978.

A Companion to WAVES. Auckland: Heinemann, 1976.

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