Caribbean Amerindian Centerlink (CAC)

  • is the only resource that seeks to gather and organise all possible sites about and by Caribbean Amerindians' and publishes two magazines (Issues in Caribbean Amerindian Studies, Kacike: The Journal of Caribbean Amerindian History and Anthropology). The site contains full-text versions of historical books/documents Update information provided.

Area Studies


Sandra W. Meditz and Dennis M. Hanratty, editors. Caribbean Islands: A Country Study. Washington: GPO for the Library of Congress, 1987.

TAS LIB Reference Section: Area Studies

  • CIA World Factbook, Portals to the World, Länderinformationsportal, mit offenen Karten (videostream), Auswärtiges Amt, Department of State, etc.



Commodities of Empire

  • British Academy research project - website contains many working papers on aspects of colonial trade.



Indo-Caribbean Studies Association: Selected Bibliography

  • Preliminary bibliography of selected sources related to the history and culture of people of Indian origins in the Caribbean and other areas of the diaspora. Its main purpose is to share resources, as well as to acknowledge the amount of work undertaken in the field and show the broadening research patterns developed by scholars in recent years.

Madhavi Kale. "Race and empire:  the case of Indian indentured migration" Empire Online (vpn client necessary)

Coolies: How Britain reinvented Slavery


Collection of Resources on Slavery and Slave Trade

Digital Collections (Literature, History, Images, Maps)

dLOC - Digital Library of the Caribbean

  • The Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) is a cooperative digital library for resources from and about the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean. dLOC provides access to digitized versions of Caribbean cultural, historical and research materials currently held in archives, libraries, and private collections.

Caribmap - A Cartographic History of the West Indies

  • Caribmap is a resource for exploring historical map images of Caribbean islands.Very user-friendly arrangement of historical maps of the Caribbean islands on a timeline.

Collect Britain - Caribbean Views

  • Over 1,200 images, maps and texts from the 18th and 19th centuries reveal contrasting experiences of life in the former British colonies.

Digital Collections of the National Library of Jamaica

  • currently four digital collections.
    • Picture Dis: National Online Album of Jamaica
    • Jamaica Unshackled: resources on three landmark popular uprisings in Jamaican history.
    • Digital Library of the Caribbean
    • Slave Trade

Prestwidges of Jamaica

  • Collection of annotated antique maps of Jamaica from 1572 – 1910. Very large, printable and downloadable high-quality reproductions.

Other websites with maps and images related to the Caribbean can be found in Images (Art and Maps).

Historical documents (newspapers, pamphlets, books) published in Britain and the United States/Colonial America related to the Caribbean can be found in the section Britain and America: Historical (Con)Texts.



The National Archives: Caribbean Histories Revealed

  • The history of the British Caribbean is explored in this exhibition through government documents, photographs and maps dating from the 17th century to the 1920s and discovered during a cataloguing project at The National Archives of the United Kingdom.



  • Collection of biographies, reviews, interviews, criticism on Caribbean writers

Caribbean Writers Summer Insitutite

  • Digital collection of readings and interviews with Caribbean authors, videotaped between 1991 and 1996 at the University of Miami.

Caribbean Voices (BBC, 2009)

  • two-part series on the BBC program Caribbean Voices and its contribution to the establishment of Caribbean literature.

Caribbean Review of Books

  • bimonthly magazine covering Caribbean literature and arts.

Diana Castilleja, Lieven D’hulst, Krista Slagle, Katrien Van der Aa, eds. A Critical bibliography of English, French, and Spanish Caribbean Literatures (1954-2004) Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 2009.

Caribbean Literature and Literary Theory

  • Collection of bibliographical resources (online and offline) 

Reference Books on Caribbean Literature: IB and UB Holdings



'Jamaica's Maroons'.  BBC, 2007

Smithsonian Centre for Folklife and Culture

  • "Creativity and Resistance: Maroon Culture in the Americas"
  • Online exhibition and teaching material

"Maroons of Jamaica" (U of Miami Student Project)

  • Section of the website Slave Resistance: A Caribbean Study written and edited by students of history at U of Miami.


  • Newspapers, television channels and radio stations from the Caribbean



Bob Marley Official Site

  • Biography, Discography, Lyrics and Videos

  • Directory of websites dedicated to dub music




BBC - Religion: Rastafari

  • Concise description of the religion, its history, practices and protagonists.

Marcus Garvey

  • Private website which contains a considerable body of writings by Garvey. however, accurate bibliographic data is often lacking.

Marcus Garvey and UNIA Papers Project

  • Biography, Essays and documentary material on Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association

Slavery and Slave Trade

  • The section contains websites representing the history of the slave trade, but also databases specialized in documenting slavery and slave trade.