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Biography on Chinua Achebe. Source:

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Writings by Chinua Achebe


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Audio and Audiovisual Material


Things Fall Apart

Webcast of Symposium held at the Library of Congress, Washington, November 3, 2008.  Morning Session,  Afternoon Session,  Evening Session(with Reading by Achebe)

African voices: 'Chinua Achebe - Africa's man of letters'.  CNN, April 2009.


'Achebe's homecoming'

BBC Newsnight had been given a great opportunity to accompany the father of African literature, Chinua Achebe, on only his second visit home in two decades. BBC, February 2009.

Nigerian author Chinua Achebe talks about slavery,colonialism, Africa and the African diaspora. Watch theyoutube link.

Achebe Discusses 'Things Fall Apart' 50 Years on PBS News Hour. PBS, 2008 (May 27).




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