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THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS (Book on Chaudhuri by Swapan Dasgupta)

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Collection of obituaries published in newspapers ranging from Plain Dealer Cleveland to New York Times

Singh, Khushwant. Khushwant Singh's Tribute to Nirad Chaudhuri. Alochona, 1999.

Van Bijlert, Victor A. Nirad C. Chaudhuri: The End of an Era. International Institute for Asian Studies, 1999.

Chaudhuri, Amit. Poles of Recovery: From Dutt to Chaudhuri. The Hindu, 2001 (July 29th).

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Jack, Ian. Introduction to An Autobiography of an Unknown Indian. New York Review of Books, 2001.

Muralidharan, Sukumar. Evaluating a Century. Frontline, 1997 (Nov 29th - Dec 12th).

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