Writings by Dabydeen


Dabydeen, Cyril. Little Buddhas - poetic reflections on Canada. Jouvert - a journal of postcolonial studies (Vol. 6, Issues 1-2), 2001.

Dabydeen, Cyril. Four Poems. Jouvert – a journal of postcolonial studies (Vol. 5, Issue 1), 2000.

Dabydeen, Cyril. What a good a little molasses can do. From Cyril Dabydeen, Coastland. New and Selected Verses, 1973-1989 (Oakville, Ontario: Mosaic Press, 1989), pp. 53-54.

Dabydeen, Cyril. Addressing Hate Propaganda: A Contribution to Safer Communities. Canadian Media Awareness Network, 1997.




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