Prawer Jhabvala, Ruth

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No author given. A Salute to Makers of Maurice. New York Times, 1987 (September 17). - article about Jhabvala's work with the filmmakers Ivory and Merchant complete list of Jhabvala's work as a screenwriter including information on her movies

Film website list of Jhabvala's films including the film posters and awards they won including a short biography


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Writings by Prawer Jhabvala



Gorilovskaya, Nonna. A Moment With ... Ruth Prawer Jhabvala., 2006 (August 25).

Horne, Philip. "It works diagonally": A Conversation with Ruth Prawer Jhabvala on The Golden Bowl and the Art of Adaptation. The Golden Bowl website, no daten given.

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