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The Secret History of Las Vegas (2014)

The Virgin of Flames (2007)

GraceLand (2005)

Masters of the Board (1985)


Poetry Collections

Sanctificum (2010)

Feed Me the Sun (2010)

There are no Names for Red (2010)

Hands Washing Water (2006)

Dog Woman (2004)

Daphne's Lot (2003)

Kalakuta Republic (2001)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

The Face (2014)


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Chris Abani Talks on the Stories of Africa. YouTube, 9 Aug. 2007

Chris Abani Talks on the Global Igbo. YouTube, 14 Nov. 2015

Chris Abani Reads His Four Poems "A Letter to Robert Pinsky", "Patterns", "Revenant 4" and "Changing Times". YouTube, 15 Dec. 2009

Chris Abani Reads His Three Poems "Geography Lessons", "The New Religion" and "History, #1". YouTube, 10 Mar. 2009

Chris Abani Talks about Humanity. YouTube, 22 Jul. 2008