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Amnesty (2020)

Selection Day (2016)

Last Man in Tower (2011)

Between the Assassinations (2008)

The White Tiger (2008)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

"The Elephant." The New Yorker, 19 Jan. 2009

"Last Christmas in Bandra." The Times, 19 Dec. 2008

"Smack." The Sunday Times, 16 Nov. 2008

"The Sultan's Battery." The Guardian, 18 Oct. 2008


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Aravind Adiga at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. YouTube, 17 Oct. 2017

Aravind Adiga in Conversation with David Godwin. YouTube, 23 Jan. 2014

Aravind Adiga Accepts the Man Booker Prize 2008 and Gives His Speech. YouTube, 27 Oct. 2008

Aravind Adiga Interview. YouTube, 15 Oct. 2008