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The Road (1961)

The Private Life of an Indian Prince (1953)

Across the Black Waters (1939)

Two Leaves and a Bud (1937)

Coolie (1936)

Untouchable (1935)


Short Story Collections

Tales Told by an Idiot - Selected Short Stories (1999)

Greatest Short Stories (1999)

Lajwanti and Other Stories (1999)

Selected Short Stories (1977)

The Barber's Trade Union and Other Stories (1944)

The Lost Child and Other Stories (1934)


Essays/ Articles/ Non-Fiction/Short Stories

Sati: A Writeup of Raja Ram Mohan Roy About Burning Widows Alive (1990)

Kama Kala (1958)

Seven Summers – The Story of an Indian Childhood (1951)

The Indian Theatre (1950)

Letters on India (1942)