Barrett, Lindsay

About Lindsay Barrett

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Veils of Vengeance Falling (1985)

Lipskybound (1977)

Song for Mumu (1967)


Poetry Collections

Visiting Eternity (2016)

A Memory of Rivers: Poems Out of the Niger Delta (2006)

The Quality of Pain and Other Poems (1986)

The Conflicting Eye (1973)

The State of Black Desire: 3 Poems, 3 Essays (1966)



Blackblast (1973)

After This We Heard of Fire (1973)

Sighs of a Slave Dream (1972)

Jump Kookoo Makka (1967)

Home Again (1967)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

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Audio and Audiovisual Material

Why I Left Home at 19, Came to Nigeria at 25 - Lindsay Barrett. YouTube, 30 Jun. 2019