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White Girl (2019)

Ghost River (2015)

Blood (2012)


Short Story Collections

Common People (2017)

The Promise ­­(2014)

Shadowboxing (2009)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

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Audio and Audiovisual Material

The Island Story Gatherers Present: Tony Birch & Chris Flynn in Conversation, YouTube, 6 Aug. 2020

UQ Book Club – The White Girl by Tony Birch, YouTube, 20 Jul. 2020

Lunchtime Talks: Tony Birch, YouTube, 14 May 2020

Tony Birch Returns With The White Girl, YouTube, 2 May 2019

Double Booked Club: Tony Birch and Tara June Winch, YouTube, 2019

Tony Birch on His Book Common People, YouTube, 15 Jan. 2018

Tony Birch: Words on Fire, YouTube, 6 Apr. 2018

Interview for the International Literature Festival in Berlin, YouTube, 1 Feb. 2016

Tony Birch: Exploring Life on Melbourne’s Margins, YouTube, 8 Jan. 2015

Tony Birch on Writing From an Australian Indigenous Perspective, YouTube, 8 Oct. 2014

Tony Birch on How Australia Remembers Its Colonial Past, YouTube, 11 Sep. 2010