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Dikeledi: Child of Tears, No More (2017)

"Read an Exclusive Excerpt from Dikeledi, the New Novel from Award-Winning Author Achmat Dangor." The Johannesburg Review of Books, 2017

Strange Pilgrimages (2013)

Bitter Fruit (2003)

"Infidelity among MK Comrades: An Excerpt from Achmat Dangor's Bitter Fruit, Republished This Month." The Johannesburg Review of Books, 2017

Kafka's Curse (1997)

The Z Town Trilogy (1990)

Waiting for Leila (1981)


Poetry Collections

Private Voices (1992)

Bulldozer (1983)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

"Read an Excerpt from a Work in Progress by Achmat Dangor." The Johannesburg Review of Books, 2018

"Amandla! Mandela." Harper's Magazine, vol. 318, no. 1907, 2009

"Africa and the World: Writers at Home and Away." PEN America, 2006

"Another Country." The Guardian, 2004

As editor with Michael Chapman: Voices from Within: Black Poetry from Southern Africa, 1982


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Achmat Dangor on His Novel DikelediYouTube, 4 Nov. 2017

Achmat Dangor on His Novel DikelediYouTube, 4 Sep. 2017