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Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

Me and My Plays (2014)

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Tale of a Mother Feeding Her Child: A Radio Play (2013)

Uma and the Fairy Queen: A Radio Play (2013)

Swami and Winston: A Radio Play (2013)

The Big Fat City (2012)

Where Did I Leave My Purdah? (2012)

Brief Candle (2009)

The Girl Who Touched the Star (2007)

30 Days in September (2001)

The Murder That Never Was (2000)

Seven Steps Round the Fire (1998)

On a Muggy Night in Mumbai (1998)

Do the Needful (1994)

Final Solutions (1993)

Bravely Fought the Queen (1991)

Tara (1990)

Dance Like a Man (1989)

Where There's a Will (1988)



Dir. 30 Days in September (2019)

Dir. Final Solution (2019)

Dir. The Big Fat City (2017)

Wri. and Dir. Mahesh Dattani's Hasmukh Saab ki Wasihat (2015)

Wri. Mahesh Dattani’s Dance Like a Man (2014)

Wri. Ek Alag Mausam (2005)

Wri. and Dir. Morning Raga (2004)

Wri. Dance Like a Man (2004)

Wri. and Dir. Mango Soufflé (2003)


Audio/Audiovisual Material

Mahesh Dattani on Theatre and on Directing Thus Spake Shoorpanakha, So Said Shakuni by Poile Sengupta. YouTube, 16 Oct. 2020

Mahesh Dattani in Conversation with Satish Padmanabhan. YouTube, 1 Aug. 2020

Mahesh Dattani Talks about His Play Bravely Fought the QueenYouTube, 11 Jan. 2020

Mahesh Dattani Holds a Lecture on His Plays. YouTube, 30 Jan. 2014

Mahesh Dattani on Tara: The Play Deals with Surgical and Emotional Separation of Siamese Twins. YouTube, 17 May 2017