De Souza, Eunice

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Biography (Poetry International Archives)

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Purdah: The Anthology (2004)

Dev and Simran (2003)

Dangerlok (2001)

Fix (1979)


Short Story Collections

101 Folktales from India (2004)


Poetry Collections

An Eternity of Lines Around My Throat: Negotiating Old Age in the Poems of Contemporary Indian Women Poets in English (2018)

Indian Poetry in English: Dom Moraes, Keki Daruwalla, Eunice de Souza, Adil Jussawalla, Gieve Patel (2014)

A Necklace of Skulls (2009)

The Puffin Book of Poetry for Children (2005)

Selected and New Poems (1994)

Ways of Belonging (1990)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

Both Sides of the Sky: Post-independence Indian Poetry in English (2008)

Early Indian Poetry in English in English: An Anthology: 1829-1947 (2005)


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Eunice de Souza Reads her Poem 'Sweet Sixteen'. YouTube, 30 Jul. 2017

Eunice de Souza Reads her Poem 'Miss Louise' from her Poetry Collection A Necklace of Skulls. YouTube, 14 Apr. 2010