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Biography, Bibliography and a List of Works About the Author (University of Minnesota) (PDF)



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Hill of Silver, Hill of Lead (2005)

The ZigZag Way (2004)

Fasting, Feasting (1999)

Journey to Ithaca (1995)

Baumgartners Bombay (1988)

In Custody (1984)

The Village by the Sea (1982)

Clear Light of Day (1980)

Fire on the Mountain (1977)

Cat on a Houseboat (1976)

Where Shall We Go This Summer? (1975)

The Peacock Garden (1974)

Bye-Bye Blackbird (1968)

Voices in the City (1965)

Cry, the Peacock (1963)


Short Story Collections

Diamond Dust and Other Stories (2000)

Games at Twilight and Other Stories (1978)


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Anita Desai in Conversation with Supriya Chaudhuri. YouTube, 21 Feb. 2017

Harper, Hilary. "Anita Desai." YouTube, 15 Jul. 2013

Interview with Anita Desai. YouTube, 10 Oct. 2008