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The Forest of Enchantments (2019)

Before We Visit the Goddess (2016)

Oleander Girl (2013)

One Amazing Thing (2010)

Shadowland (2009)

The Palace of Illusions: A Novel (2008)

The Lives of Strangers (2007)

The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming (2005)

Queen of Dreams (2004)

The Conch Bearer (2003)

The Vine of Desire (2002)

The Lives of Strangers (2001)

Arranged Marriage (2001)

Sister of My Heart (1999)

The Mistress of Spices (1997)


Children's and Young Adults' Books

Grandma and the Great Gourd (2013)

Neela: Victory Song (2002)


Short Story Collections

The Unknown Errors of Our Lives (2001)


Poetry Collections

Black Candle (1991)

The Reason for Nasturtiums (1990)

Dark like the River (1987)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

As editor with William E. Justice and James Quay: California Uncovered: Stories for the 21st Century, 2004

"Introduction." California Uncovered, Divakaruni et al. (eds.), 2004

"Mrs. Dutta Writes a Letter." California Uncovered, Divakaruni et al. (eds.), 2004

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"Indian Born in the USA." Salon, 21 Aug. 1997

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Audio and Audiovisual Material

Chitra Divakaruni On Her Latest Novel The Forest of EnchantmentsYouTube, 19 Jan. 2019

Chitra Divakaruni On Her Art. YouTube, 14 Feb. 2018

Chitra Divakaruni Reads from Before We Visit the Goddess. YouTube, 12 May 2016

Chitra Divakaruni Talks about the Art of Being a Good Storyteller. YouTube, 16 Jan. 2013

An Interview with Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. YouTube, 9 May 2012