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Autobiography/Life Writing

Out of the Mist and Steam: A Memoir (1999)



Frederick’s Coat (2013)

Who Sings for Lu? (2009)

Dreamboat Dad (2008)

Jake’s Long Shadow (2002)

Szabad (2001)

Both Sides of the Moon (1998)

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted (1996)

State Ward (1994)

One Night Out Stealing (1991)

Once Were Warriors (1990)


Children's and Young Adult's Books

Alan Duff’s Maori Heroes (2000)

Duffy’s Once Were Warriors (1999)

Duffy’s Search for the Pohutukawa (1999)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

A Conversation With My Country: Where We've Come From, Where We Can Go (2019)

“Alan Duff: Now is the Hour to Say Goodbye.” Nzherald, 16 Oct. 2017

“Harvey Weinstein Is not the Only One.” Nzherald, 9 Oct. 2017

“Plunging Headlong into Early Graves.” Nzherald, 2 Oct. 2017

“Good Luck Getting a Read on Winston Peters.” Nzherald, 25 Sep. 2017

“Election Is Anyone's Guess.” Nzherald, 18 Sep. 2017

“Rugby a Hidden Bond Connecting Kiwis.” Nzherald, 11 Sep. 2017

“Don't Believe Pollies Who 'Save the Poor'.” Nzherald, 4 Sep. 2017

“Colin Meads Wasn't 'One of Us' - He Was Something More.” Nzherald, 28 Aug. 2017

"Why Boot Camps and Tikanga Prisons Won't Work." Nzherald, 21 Aug. 2017

"The Jealousy and Resentment of Sportswriters." Nzherald, 14 Aug. 2017

"Why I'm Thinking about Changing Who I Vote for." Nzherald, 7 Aug. 2017

"Spain Got a Guggenheim, We Just Got Te Papa." Nzherald, 31 Jul. 2017

"Shane Jones' True Colours." Nzherald, 24 Jul. 2017

"Taxpayers, Don't Line Up To Be Ripped Off." Nzherald, 17 Jul. 2017

"Timeless Lessons in Human Nature." Nzherald, 10 Jul. 2017

"Tolerance Stretched on the Long-Haul Flights." Nzherald, 3 Jul. 2017

"Shrieking Is no Laughing Matter." Nzherald, 26 Jun. 2017



Mune, Ian (Dir.) and Alan Duff (Wri.), What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?, 1999

Tamahori, Lee (Dir.) and Riwia Brown (Wri.), Once Were Warriors, 1994


Audio- and Audiovisual Material

Alan Duff - Going West Writers Festival 2019, YouTube, 27 Sep. 2019

A Conversation With My Country: Alan Duff Scrutinises Contemporary NZ in New Book, YouTube, 14 Jul. 2019

Alan Duff on Once Were Warriors, YouTube, 9 Dec. 2012