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Poetry Collections

Collected Poems 1952-88 (1989)

Latter-Day Psalms (1982)

Hymns in Darkness (1976)

Snakeskin and Other Poems (1974)

The Exact Name (1965)

The Unfinished Man (1960)

The Third (1959)

Sixty Poems (1953)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

Selected Prose (1992)

As editor: Another India: An Anthology of Contemporary Indian Fiction and Poetry (1992)

Our Cultural Dilemmas  (1982)

Naipaul’s India and Mine.” Journal of South Asian Literature, vol. 11, no. 3-4, 1976

As editor: Writing in India, Papers Read at the Conference (1965)

As editor: Writing in India. The Seventh P.E.N. All-India Writers' Conference, Lucknow, 1964. (1965)

As editor: Indian Writers in Conference:  The Sixth P.E.N. All-India Writer's Conference, Mysore, 1962 (1964)

Ezekiel, Nissim, and A.B. Shah: A New Look at Communism (1963)

Ezekiel, Nissim, and Rekha Menon: Cultural Profiles: Bombay – Poona (1961)

“The Folk Dances of India.” Times of India Annual, 1960



Don’t Call it Suicide: A Tragedy (1989)

Three Plays: Nalini, Marriage Poem, and The Sleepwalkers (1969)