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The Living Sea of Waking Dreams (2020)

First Person (2018)

The Narrow Road to the Deep North (2013)

Wanting (2008)

The Unknown Terrorist (2006)

Gould’s Book of Fish (2001)

The Sound of One Hand Clapping (1997)

Death of a River Guide (1994)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

“Did the Pandemic Kill Ideology in Australia?” The New York Times, 19 May 2020

“Australia Is Committing Climate Suicide.” The New York Times, 2 Jan. 2020

As Editor: Ben Quilty (2019)

"Introduction." Home: Drawings by Syrian Children, Quilty (ed.), 2018

Seize the Fire: Three Speeches (2018)

Notes on an Exodus: An Essay (2016)

The Australian Disease: On the Decline of Love and the Rise of Non-Freedom (2015)

And What Do You Do, Mr. Gable: New and Collected Essays (2011)

“Went for a Swim.” Meanjin, vol. 70, no. 3, 2011

With Peter Dombrovskis and Jamie Kirkpatrick. On the Mountain, 1996

“The Stars & the Mountains: A Politics to Reclaim the Commons.”, Island Magazine, 1995

“Stripped Naked by Film.” Island Magazine, 1993

"Parish-Fed Bastards": A History of the Politics of the Unemployed in Britain, 1884–1939 (1991)

Codename Iago: The Story of John Friedrich (1991)

With Cassandra Pybus. The Rest of the World is Watching, 1990

A Terrible Beauty: History of the Gordon River Country (1985)



Wri. Australia (2003)

Dir./Wri. The Sound of One Hand Clapping (1998)


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Award-Winning Author Richard Flanagan Talks about His New Book The Living Sea of Walking DreamsYouTube, 30 Sep. 2020

'Every Single Child Draws the Truth': Ben Quilty and Richard Flanagan on the Refugee Crisis. YouTube, 1 Sep. 2018

Richard Flanagan in Conversation with Claire Messud at 2015 PEN World Voices Festival. YouTube, 10 May 2015

Richard Flanagan’s Thoughts about Writing. YouTube, 29 Jan. 2015