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Biography (Perpetual)

Biography (Australian Dictionary of Biography)

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Autobiography/Life Writing

Childhood at Brindabella: My First ten Years (1963)

Laughter, Not For a Cage (1956)

With Kate Baker: Joseph Furphy – The Legend of a Man and His Book (1944)



On Dearborn Street (1981)

As Brent of Bin Bin: Cockatoos (1954)

As Brent of Bin Bin: Prelude to Waking (1950)

My Career Goes Bung (1946)

Pioneers on Parade (1939)

All That Swagger (1936)

Bring The Monkey (1933)

As Brent of Bin Bin: Back to Bool Bool (1931)

As Brent of Bin Bin: Ten Creek Run (1930)

As Brent of Bin Bin: Up the Country (1928)

Old Blastus of Bandicoot (1931)

Some Everyday Folk and Dawn (1909)

My Brilliant Career (1901)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

With Sanjay Sircar. “‘Tea with Alice of Alice of Wonderland’: By Miles Franklin; With Introduction and Cultural Critique.” Children’s Literature, vol. 22, 1994