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Autobiography/Life Writings

Living in Hope and History (1999)

Writing and Being: The Charles Eliot Norton Lectures (1995)

The Essential Gesture: Writing, Politics and Places (1988)



No Time Like the Present (2012)

Get a Life (2005)

The Pickup (2001)

The House Gun (1998)

None to Accompany Me (1994)

My Son's Story (1990)

A Sport of Nature (1987)

July's People (1981)

Burger's Daughter (1979)

The Conservationist (1974)

A Guest of Honour (1970)

The Late Bourgeois World (1966)

Occasion for Loving (1963)

A World of Strangers (1958)

The Lying Days (1953)


Short Story Collections

Life Time: Stories (2011)

Beethoven Was One-Sixteenth Black (2007)

Telling Tales (2004)

Loot and Other Sories (2003)

Something For The Time Being 1950 - 1972 (1992)

Why Haven't You Written: Selected Stories 1950 - 1972 (1992)

Jump and Other Stories (1991)

Crimes of Conscience (1991)

Once Upon A Time (1989)

The Moment Before The Gun Went Off (1988)

Correspondence Course and Other Stories (1984)

Something Out There (1984)

Town and Country Lovers (1982)

A Soldier's Embrace (1980)

No Place Like (1978)

Some Monday For Sure (1976)

Selected Stories (1975)

Livingstone's Companion (1970)

Not For Publication (1965)

Friday's Footprint (1960)

Which New Era Would That Be? (1956)

Six Fee of the Country (1956)

The Soft Voice of a Serpent (1952)

Face to Face (1949)



The First Circle (1949)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

Telling Tales: Writing and Living 1950 - 2008 (2010)

What Happened To Burger's Daughter Or How South African Censorship Works (1980)

The Black Interpreter (1973)


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Nadine Gordimer Talks In An Interview. YouTube, 7 Nov. 2020

Nadine Gordimer Talks About Her Life. The Novel Prize, Apr. 2005