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Autobiography/Life Writing

One Life (2015)

Searching for the Secret River (2006)



A Room Made of Leaves (2020)

Sarah Thornhill (2011)

The Lieutenant (2006)

The Secret River (2005)

The Idea of Perfection (1999)

Dark Places (1994)

Dreamhouse (1989)

Joan Makes History (1988)

Lillian’s Story (1985)


Short Story Collections

Bearded Ladies (1984)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

The Case Against Fragrance (2017)

Writing from Start to Finish (2011)

With Sue Woolfe: Making Stories (1993)

The Writing Book: A Workbook for Fiction Writers (1990)


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Guardian Australia’s Book Club: Kate Grenville. YouTube, 12 Aug. 2020

Kate Grenville: A Room Made of Leaves. YouTube, 2 Jul. 2020

Kate Grenville Writes 'One Life: My Mother's Story ' Late Night Live. YouTube, 27 Mar. 2015

Kate Grenville in Conversation with Ramona Koval. YouTube, 3 May 2013

Kate Grenville on Writing, History and Her Latest Book, Sarah ThornhillYouTube, 1 Sep. 2011

Kate Grenville on Artists, Writers and Climate Change. YouTube, 21 Jul. 2009

Kate Grenville on The Lieutenant. YouTube, 19 Sep. 2008