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Autobiography/Life Writing

A History of Silence: A Family Memoir (2014)

Looking Back: A Self-Portrait (2011)

Just a Boy from the Bush (1989)



The Cage (2018)

See How They Run (2012)

Hand Me Down World (2007)

Mister Pip (2006)

Paint Your Wife (2004)

Here at the End of the World We Learn to Dance (2001)

The Book of Fame (2000)

Choo Woo (1999)

This House has Three Walls (1997)

Biografi: An Albanian Quest (1993)

Splinter (1988)

Gilmore’s Diary (1985)


Children's and Young Adult's Books

With Ian MacDonald (Illustr.): The Nervous Knight: A Story about Overcoming Worries and Anxiety (2021)

The Princess and the Fog: A Story for Children with Depression (2015)

With Timon Maxey (Illustr.): Everything You Need to Know from Your Backyard to the Galaxies by Simon Eliot (2005)

With Timon Maxey (Illustr.): Even More Things You Need to Know about the World by Simon Eliot (2005)

With Timon Maxey (Illustr.): Everything You Need to Know about the Worldby Simon Eliot (2004)

With Greame Gash (Illustr.): Napoleon and the Chicken Farmer (2003)


Short Story Collections

The Man in the Shed (2009)

Swimming to Australia and Other Stories (1991)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

With Euan Macleod (Illustr.). High Wire, 2020

Still: Nigel Swinn (2012)

As Editor: Into the Field of Play (1992)

As Editor: Hearts of Gold: New Zealand at the Olympic Games: A Listener Special Souvenir (1988)

With Bruce Foster: Last Saturday, 1984


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Euan Macleod's Book Collaboration "High Wire" (with Writer Lloyd Jones) July 2020. YouTube, 19 Jul. 2020

Interview with Lloyd Jones., 28 Oct. 2014

The Christchurch Earthquake Shook Loose Lloyd Jones' Families' Secrets., 8 Oct. 2013

Lloyd Jones Talks About A History of Silence. YouTube, 30 Aug. 2013

Lloyd Jones Talks About Hand Me Down World. YouTube, 9 Dec. 2012

Author Lloyd Jones on Mister Pip. YouTube, 7 Dec. 2007