Kay, Jackie

About Jackie Kay

Biography (Poetry International Archives)

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Autobiography/Life Writings

Red Dust Road: An Autobiographical Journey (2011)



The Maw Broon Monologues (2009)

Strawgirl (2002)

Trumpet (1998)

Other Lovers (1993)

The Adoption Papers (1991)


Short Story Collections

Reality, Reality (2012)

Whish I Was Here (2012)

Why Don't You Stop Talking (2012)


Poetry Collections

The Empathetic Store (2015)

Fiere (2011)

Red, Cherry Red (2007)

Darlings: New and Selected Poems (2007)

Life Mask (2005)

The Frog Who Dreamed She Was an Opera Singer (1998)

Off Colour (1998)

Two's Collection (1994)



The Lamplighter (2008)