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Autobiography/Life Writing

Something of Myself. For My Friends Known and Unknown... (1937)



Kim (1900)

Captains Courageous (1896)

The Naulahka - A Story of West and East (1891)

The Light that Failed (1891)


Children's and Young Adult's Books

A Diversity of Creatures (1917)

The “Just-So” Stories (1897)

Wee Willie Winkie and Other Child Stories (1897)


Poetry Collections

The Muse among the Motors, complete edition first published at an unknown time (1919)

Years Between (1919)

The Five Nations (1903)

Barrack-Room Ballads and Other Verses (1897)

Departmental Ditties and Other Verses (1896)

The Seven Seas (1894)


Short Story Collections

With Paul Strayer (Illustr.). Tales of India (1935)

Limits and Renewals (1932)

Thy Servant a Dog (1930)

Debits and Credits (1926)

Land and Sea Tales (1923)

Songs from Books (1913)

Rewards and Fairies (1910)

With W. Heath Robinson (Illustr.). A Song of the English (1909)

Actions and Reactions (1902)

They (1901)

Puck of Pook’s Hill (1901)

The Phantom Rickshaw (1899)

Under the Deodars (1899)

Mine Own People (1899)

From Sea to Sea; Letters of Travel (1899)

City of the Dreadful Night (1899)

A Fleet in Being (1898)

The Brushwood Boy (1895)

The Second Jungle Book (1895)

The Day’s Work (1894)

Stalky & Co. (1894)

The Jungle Books (1894)

Many Inventions (1893)

Life’s Handicap (1891)

In Black and White (1891)

Letters of Marque (1891)

Mine Own People (1891)

Soldiers Three (1888)

The Story of the Gadsbys (1888)

Plain Tales from the Hills (1886)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

A Book of Words (1928)

The Irish Guards in the Great War (1923)

Sea Warfare (1916)

The New Army in Training (1915)

The Fringes of the Fleet (1915)

With Charles R. L. Fletcher. A History of England (1911)

Letters to the Family (1906)

American Notes (1891)

“An Interview with Mark Twain.” Library of America, 6 Apr. 2019 (originally published in 1889)



Serkis, Andy (dir.), and Callie Kloves (wri.). Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, 2018

Favreau, Jon (dir.), and Justin Marks (wri.). The Jungle Book, 2016

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Audio and Audiovisual Material

Rudyard Kipling Speaking on Canadian Writers and Poets (1930s Recording). YouTube, 24 Aug. 2015