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An Afternoon with Earl Lovelace (The Paris Review)



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Is Just a Movie (2012)

Salt (1996)

The Wine Of Astonishment (1982)

The Dragon Can't Dance (1979)

The Schoolmaster (1968)

While Gods Are Falling (1965)


Children's and Young Adults's Books

Crawfie the Crapaud (1997)


Short Story Collections

A Brief Conversion and Other Stories (1988)



Joebell and America (1999)

The Reign of Anancy (1989)

The Dragon Can't Dance (1989)

The Wine of Astonishment (1987)

The New Hardware Store (1980)

Jestina's Calypso (1978)

Pierrot Ginnard (1977)

My Name Is Village (1976)

The New Boss (1962)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

Growing in the Dark (2003)

Welcoming Each Other: Transformation in the Caribbean in the 21st Century (1998)


Audio and Audiovisual Material 

Earl Lovelace Reads from His Novel Is Just a Movie. YouTube, 17 May 2013