Mhlophe, Gcina

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Autobiography/Life Writing

Love Child (2002)


Children's and Young Adults' Books

The Magic Horns (2009)

The Barefoot Book of African Tales (2009)

The Singing Chameleon (2008)

Golden Windows (2007)

Ithemba Means Hope (2006)

Our Story Magic (2006)

Stories of Africa (2006)

Hi, Zoleka! (2003)

An African Mother Christmas (2002)

Nozincwadi, Mother of Books (2001)

Fudukazi's Magic (1999)

Nalohima, the Deaf Tortoise (1999)

Queen of Tortoises (1995)

Molo Zoleka (1994)

The Singing Dog (1992)

The Snake with Seven Heads (1989)


Short Story Collections

African Tales (2009)


Poetry Collections

Love Child (2001)



Have You Seen Zandile? (2002)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

"The 'Story' Is the Mother of Creativity." Sankofa, no. 6, 2003


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Gcina Mhlophe Interview on Writing Her Memoirs. YouTube, 21 Jul. 2018

Gcina Mhlophe Interview on Her Life and Influence. YouTube, 12 Jan. 2016

Gcina Mhlophe on Storytelling. YouTube, 24 Dec. 2013

Gcina Mhlophe in the Closing Ceremony in Durban. YouTube, 31 Jul. 2007