Mungoshi, Charles

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Charles Mungoshi's Poetry: "A Reflection." Poetry International Web, 23 Apr. 2003



Attree, Lizzy. "'I Use Anything Handy Which Kills the Gods'." The Johannesburg Review of Books, 4 Mar. 2019




Branching Streams Flow in the Dark (2013)

Kunyarara Hakusi Kutaura? (1983)

Inongova Njake Njake (1980)

Ndiko Kupindana Kwamazuva (1975)

Waiting for the Rain (1975)


Short Story Collections

Walking Still (1997)

One Day Long Ago: More Stories from a Shona Childhood (1991)

Stories from a Childhood (1989)

The Setting Sun and Rolling World (1987)

Coming of the Dry Season (1972)


Poetry Collections

The Milkman Doesn't Only Deliver Milk (1981)