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Autobiography/Life Writing

Goodnight & God Bless (2008)



Eating Wasps (2018)

Chain of Custody (2016)

Alphabet Soup for Lovers (2015)

Idris (2014)

The Lilac House (2012)

Cut Like Wound (2012)

Lessons in Forgetting (2010)

Mistress (2005)

Ladies Coupé (2001)

The Better Man New (1999)


Short Story Collections

Puffin Book of World Myths and Legend (2004)

Satyr of the Subway & Eleven Other Stories (1997)


Poetry Collections

Malabar Mind  (2002)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

"A Phantom on Platform No. 3." Outlook India, 15 Nov. 2004

"Accessible Poetry." The Hindu, 4 Jan. 2004

"Who Cares about the Other Side?" Rediff, 28 Feb. 2003

"Booked for Life." Rediff, 28 Jun. 2001

"Eating Out." Outlook India, 18 Jun 2001


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Anita Nair Interview. YouTube, 15 Oct. 2018

Anita Nair on Writing Fiction. YouTube, 4 Apr. 2013

Anita Nair Speaks on the Tenth Anniversary Edition of Her Book Ladies Coupé. YouTube, 21 Dec. 2011

Anita Nair Interview with Talking Cranes. YouTube, 4 Oct. 2011