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Building Babel (1996)

Feminist Fables (1993)

Saint Suniti and the Dragon (1993)

The Mothers of Maya Diip (1989)

The Blue Donkey Fables (1988)

Flesh and Paper (1986)

The Conversations of Cow (1985)


Poetry Collections

Sycorax: New Fables and Poems (2006)

Because of India (1989)

From the Bedside Book of Nightmares (1984)

The Authentic Lie (1982)

Poems (1976)

More Poems (1971)

Cyclone in Pakistan (1971)

Poems of Govindagraj (1968)

The Jackass and the Lady (1967)


Audio and Audiovisual Material 

Suniti Namjoshi's Lecture "How Motherly is the Mother Tongue?" at the University of Hyderabad. YouTube, 30 Jan. 2014