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Afterburner (2004)

Max is Missing (2001)

Dragons in their Pleasant Palaces (1997)

Millennial Fables (1994)

Oxford Book of Modern Australian Verse (1988)

English Subtitles (1981)

After Martial (1972)

Once Bitten, Twice Bitten (1961)


Poetry Collections

Collected Poems: Volume II (1984 - 1999) (1999)

The Chair of Babel (1992)

Possible Worlds (1989)

Collected Poems: Volume I (1961 - 1981) (1983)



Birds in the Garden of the Cairo Marriott (2008)

A Perfect Suicide (2008)

The Page Insists that I Explain Myself (2008)

Shakespeare's Defeat (2007)

What's Playing in Eternity (2007)

The Castaway is Washed Ashore (2007)

Discs with Everything (2005)