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In the Border Country and other Stories (1998)

The One: the story of how the people of Guyana avenge the murder of their Pasero with help from Brother Anancy and Sister Buxton (1985)

Come Home, Malcolm Heartland (1976)

The Adventure of Catullus Kelly (1969)

The Late Emancipation of Jerry Stover (1968)

Escape to an Autumn Pavement (1960)

A Quality of Violence (1959)


Children’s and Young Adults’ Books

Danny Jones (1980)

The River That Disappeared (1979)

Joey Tyson (1974)

Caribbean Folk Tales and Legends (1980)

Jonah Simpson (1969)

Riot (1967)

Drought (1966)

Earthquake (1965)

Hurricane (1964)


Short Story Collections

Brother Anancy and other stories (1993)

Anacy Traveller (1992)

Anacy’s Score (1973)

Island Voices: Stories from the West Indies (1970)


Poetry Collections

In the Hills Where Her Dreams Live: Poems for Chile, 1973 – 1978 (1979)

Jamaica (1973)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

Georgetown Journal: a Caribbean writer’s journey from London via Port of Spain to Georgetown, Guyana, 1970 (1972)

Havana Journal (1971)

Caribbean Prose: An Anthology for Secondary Schools (1967)



Wri. The Mangrove Nine (1973)


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Andrew Salkey - Interviewed by Henry Lyman for Poems to a Listener (1994 Series). YouTube, 5 Feb. 2019