Sen, Sudeep

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Biography (Poetry InternationalArchives)



Senu, Kwame. Sudeep Sen: A Bio-Bibliographical Critical Sourcebook, 1996 




Postcards from Bangladesh (2002)

Monsoon (2002)

Perpetual Diary (2001)

Almanac (2000)

Bodytext: Dramatic Monologues in Motion (1999)

Retracing American Contours (1999)

Dali's Twisted Hands (1995)

Mount Vesuvius in Eight Frames (1994)

South African Woodcut (1994)

Parallel (1993)

New York Times (1991)

Kali in Ottava Rima (1991)

Leaning Against the Lamp-Post (1983)


Poetry Collections

Dreaming of Cézanne (2005)

Distracted Geography: An Archipelago of Intent (2003)

Lines of Desire (2000)

Postmarked India: New & Selected Poems (1997)

The Lunar Visitations (1991)


Audio and Audiovisual

Sudeep Sen Talking about Growing up, His Inspiration and Becoming a Writer. YouTube, 30 Jul. 2018