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Rose, J. Coplen. "The Limits of Unity in Ashwin Singh's To House: Food, South African Indian Ethnicity, and Drama from Durban." Cross / Cultures, vol. 203, May 2018

"Classic Drama Returns to the Playhouse." Northglen News, 10 Sep. 2017




Durban Dialogues, Then and Now (2018)

Into the Grey (2017)

Swing (2015)

Beyond the Big Bangs (2013)

Duped (2011)

Reoca Light (2010)

Shooting (2009)

Spice 'n Stuff (2006)

To House (2003)


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Ashwin Singh Showreel. YouTube, 21 Aug. 2017

Ashwin Singh's Reoca Light Performed at the Durban Playhouse Company. YouTube, 20 Aug. 2017

Ashwin Singh's Beyond the Big Bangs. YouTube, 20 Aug. 2017