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Raj, Rizio Yohannan. "The Poetics of Othering." Poetry International Web, 1 Jun. 2007



Poetry Collections

Second Person Singular (2006)



“No Entry: Maa Pracisha” (2014) 

“Priyamvada” (2013) 

“Payog” (2012) 

“Pryamvadaa” (1988) 

“’Janak And Other One-Play Acts’: Collection of One-Act Plays in Maithili” (1978) 

“The Ramlila” (1977) 

“The Movement” (1977) 

“The Return” (1976) 

“For a Play” (1974)  

“There Was a King” (1974) 

“The Hero Is Life” (1971) 


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories  

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Audio and Audiovisual Material 

Udaya Narayana Singh Speaks at a Conference in Andorra. YouTube, 7 Dec. 2014