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The Fraud (2019)

Swing Time (2016)

NW (2012)

On Beauty (2005)

The Autograph Man (2002)

White Teeth (2000)


Short Story Collections

Grand Union (2019)

Martha and Hanwell (2005)


Essays/ Articles/ Non-Fiction/ Short-Stories

Feel Free (2018)

"Now More Than Ever." The New Yorker, 16 Jul. 2018

"The Lazy River." The New Yorker, 11 Dec. 2017

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Audio and Audiovisual Material

Zadie Smith Reads "Now More than Ever"The New Yorker, 16 Jul. 2018

Feel Free: Nick Laird & Zadie Smith. SoundCloud, Jul. 2018

Conversation and Reading with Zadie Smith. YouTube, 6 Jan. 2017

Zadie Smith on the Ups and Downs of Female Friendship in Swing TimeCBC Radio, 13 Nov. 2016

Zadie Smith on Bad Girls & the Hard Midlife. Louisiana Channel, 10 Jul. 2013

Zadie Smith: Live from the NYPL. The New York Public Library, 22 Nov. 2010

Zadie Smith Introduces Her Debut Novel, White TeethCharlie Rose, 1 Jun. 2010