Sorabji, Cornelia

About Cornelia Sorabji

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Autobiography/Life Writing

India Recalled (1936)

India Calling: The Memories of Cornelia Sorabji (1935)


Short Story Collections

With Warwick Goble. Shikhandi: The Maiden-Knight and Other Stories (1916)

Love and Life beyond the Purdah (1901)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

Temple-Entry and Untouchability (1933)

Susie Sorabji, Christian-Parsee Educationist of Western India: A Memoir (1932)

India: Discussed by Dr. Haridas Thakordas Muzumdar, Miss Cornelia Sorabji, Charles Freer Andrews, Claude Francis Strickland, November 22, 1930. (1931)

Shubala – A Child-Mother (1920)

Sun Babies: Studies in Colour (1918)

The Purdahnashin (1917)

Indian Tales of the Great Ones Among Men, Women and Bird-People (1917)

Between the Twilights: Being Studies of India Women by one of Themselves (1908)

Portraits of Some Indian Women (1905)

Sun-Babies: Studies in the Child-Life of India (1904)



Gold Mohur: Time to Remember (1930)