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The Book of Chocolate Saints (2018)

Narcopolis (2012)


Poetry Collections

Collected Poems (2015)

These Errors are Correct (2008)

English (2004)

Apocalypso (1992)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

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Audio and Audiovisual Material

Celebrating Bloomsday: Paul Muldoon and Colm Toibin in Conversation with Jeet Thayil. YouTube, 16 Jun. 2020

Book Launch: Low by Jeet Thayil in Conversation with Nandini Nair. YouTube, 17 Mar. 2020

Meet the Author: Jeet Thayil. YouTube, 7 Nov. 2019

Self-Censorship 'Tremendously Worrying': Author Jeet Thayil To NDTV. YouTube, 26 Oct. 2020

15 Reasons to Not Become a Poet by Jeet Thayil. YouTube, 13 Aug. 2016

Jeet Thayil Answers Questions by his Readers. YouTube, 8 Dec. 2017

Two Poets Reading: Jeet Thayil and Srikanth Reddy. YouTube, 3 Apr. 2015

“I Don’t Want to Choose” Deepa Mehta and Jeet Thayil on Identity and Art. YouTube, 28 Jul. 2013

Jeet Thayil Reads from Nacropolis. YouTube, 5 Apr. 2013

Beautiful People with Jeet Thayil. YouTube, 21 Oct. 2012

Interview with Jeet Thayil on Nacropolis. YouTube, 16 Oct. 2012

Jeet Thayil Talks to Global Poetry System. YouTube, 10 May 2010