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Short Story Collections

Short Back and Sides (1992)

Making a Fist of it (1978)


Poetry Collections

Small Holes in the Silence: Collected Works (2016)

Piggy-Back Moon (2001)

Shape-Shifter (1999)

No Ordinary Sun (1998)

Deep River Talk. Collected Poems (1993)

Rain (1992)

Mihi: Collected Poems (1988)

Year of the Dog. Poems New and Selected (1982)

Selected Poems (1980)

Sap-Wood & Milk (1975)

Something Nothing (1974)

Sap-Wood & Milk. Poems (1972)



E Tipu E Rea -Eel.“ Short Film Adaptation, Directed by Joanna Paul-Robie, New Zealand on Screen, 1989


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Short Film about Hone Tuwhare and the Music Album, Made of his Poetry. New Zealand on Screen, 2005

Hone Tuwhare – The Return Home. New Zealand on Screen, 2004

TV-Documentary about Hone Tuwhare. New Zealand on Screen, 1996

Interview with Hone Tuwhare on the Influences on his Poetry. New Zealand on Screen, 1975

Hone Tuwhare Reads his Poetry and Talks about Inspiration. YouTube, undated