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Nostalgia (2016)

The Magic of Saida (2012)

The Assassin's Song (2007)

The In-between World of Vikram Lall (2003)

Amriika (1999)

The Book of Secrets (1994)

No New Land (1991)

The Gunny Sack (1989)


Short Story Collections

When She Was Queen (2005)

Uhuru Street (1992)


Essays/Articles/Non-Ficton/Short Stories

And Home Was Kariakoo (2014)

A Place Within (2008)

"An Expat in London." Macleans, 16 Mar. 2009

"Am I a Canadian Writer?" Canadian Literature, no. 190, 2006

"Life at the Margins: In the Thick of Multiplicity." In Between the Lines, 1996


Audio and Audiovisual Material

M. G. Vassanji on His Novel And Home Was Kariakoo: A Memoir of East Africa. The Agenda with Steve Paikin. YouTube, 6 Jan. 2015

M. G. Vassanji on His Novel The Assassin's SongYouTube, 5 Oct. 2007